Winterizing The Inside Of A Home

Winter weather can be fun and cozy as long as you have a warm place to call home. But like anything, a home needs to stay updated and prepared for the harsh conditions that Mother Nature can throw its way. That’s where winterizing a home comes in handy. Many first-time homeowners aren’t ready for the responsibilities of winterizing because they’re fresh from apartment life, where everything was done for them and where most energy was probably derived from electric. When buying a home, especially an older home, gas may be



Auto Insurance Deductibles: Deciding Low Vs. High

Recently on Reddit, an auto insurance customer was concerned as to which deductible decision — low vs. high — was “the right one.”

“I just realized the price difference between a $500 vs. $1,000 deductibles on my collision coverage is $50 per 6 months,” he wrote. “It occurred to me the lower deductible is essentially gambling. I would be wagering $50 to win $450 that I cause an accident in the next 6 months. It seems like it goes against common sense to bet that I get into an accident. Assuming



Emergency Homeowner Essentials: Items You Should Have On-Hand No Matter What

Life can be unpredictable, and that’s a reality that many have lost sight of while surrounded by every modern convenience. It’s easy to take things like Smartphones, the Internet, and the roof over your head for granted, unless you work in the insurance industry.

Insurance professionals — and their customers — know all too well that the most unexpected things can turn lives upside down. That’s why we turned to our friends at Allstate for info on the emergency homeowner  essentials that everyone should have on-hand no matter what life throws



Fire Prevention Tips For Your Kitchen

Fire Prevention Tips For Your Kitchen

Don’t Leave Cooking Unattended

Most raging fires don’t happen in a split second. They need a little time to grow. In that time, you can actually stop them from happening if you respond quickly to hazards that arise. Don’t get caught up in something on television or in a phone conversation with a family member or friend. While fires need time, they don’t need much time, and every second counts.

Stay Alert, Especially When You’re About To Leave

When you have somewhere to be, your mind tends to



Autumn Home Checklist

Now is the time to prepare for Fall and Winter.

Infographic courtesy of The Allstate Blog.